They actively listen to their community to enable community-led growth
What are the steps you can take to grow and build with your community?
A 2019 research essay on online lending and borrowing habits and how we might improve them using communities

February 2023

The local cultural norms of the people in the city and locality you are building for greatly affect the features you create
A story on how listening to your community can create the best version of your product
By making the business of dancing social; helping people connect and have fun.
By bringing them face to face with their customers
Where members are engaging on their own and the community is thriving
In an overcrowded inustry like food, finding your community as a business can be tricky. This diner does it by focusing on the nightshift.
Taco 'bout community
You can group members into different topic areas and update frequency to make them more comfortable and more willing to engage.
No, not alone. Unless they are tied to a key goal that solves a painful need for your members or followers.