A 4 step process and guide you can follow to grow your community.
What do they do?
Let me continue to help you be the best community manager you can be
Evolving them from being places to connect and engage around shared interests to country-like economies and ecosystems
How do you start your community? Where do you find members? Who is the ideal member for your community? Start with the why.
By improving the community experience, members can better get the value they came for which means they'll pay more, stay more and invite more members…
Let me help you be the best community manager you can be
Leveraging community as a channel to create scalable solutions, products and services
Building with the community first
Ideas while a dime a dozen can be either simple or innovative, let's see some ways to get innovative ideas
Simple steps to build your inner genius, your inner guidance
Combos that increase the intensity of an experience and its value to the experiencer